Where have you come from?


Reading: Read the “Threshold concept framework” section of Kligyte (2009). In particular the table and its discussion of networked learning as troublesome, discursive, irreversible, liminality and integrative. What in this resonates with you and the last few weeks? Are you still in a “liminal” space? Is the “distributed world of information” appearing any more coherent and sensible? etc, eventually leading to questions of where you are headed?

Troublesome: I think I am stuck on how I will make this work for me in practice. I don’t find it counter-intuitive or alien – but definitely incoherent in terms of how I can make it work with the time and resources I have available.

Irreversible: No problems here. I love that it is transformative and will be with me in some form – forever!

Integrative: I am struggling with this one – only in the sense that I have always tried to keep personal and professional reasonably separate. I think that despite NGL – there are still good reasons for this and this is one where I am not comfortable with the blurring.

Discursive: I am personally quite interested in the area of “new literacies”, “media literacies” and “digital literacies” – there are many names for this. I look forward to developing my network literacy even further and making new discoveries. It can only lead to greater “digital literacies” overall.

Liminality: Yes, yes and yes again. Sounds very very familiar. I like to think of myself as efficient – which is not helpful in this context at all. So go with it Goksu!




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