Where are you with Assignment 1?

Where are you with Assignment 1?

Activity: Take a look at the criteria for assignment 1. What’s clear? What’s not? What could be better? How are you progressing? What more do you need to do?

Below is an aggregation of comments I have made on the Google Doc for Assignment 1. If you look at the document they are in context, but I thought I would summarise them here as they also provide an answer to the questions above.

  • I really hope that the criteria can be finalised as soon as possible? Success for me requires planning and I can’t plan without certainty.
  • Is there too much emphasis on the textual? Will this limit expression of learning to text based methods?
  • Whilst I understand the need for us to demonstrate presence and engagement, I worry about “number of” being given emphasis here – shouldn’t it be about the quality of posts rather than the number of posts?
  • I cant speak for others – but I have a reasonably demanding full time job and I can only set aside time for this course in blocks. This means I tend to output large amounts of work over the course of a couple of days. Shouldn’t the philosophy of self paced learning, and ubiquity inform the criteria a little here?



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  1. Annelise Mitchell
    Aug 12, 2014 @ 09:53:11

    Hi Goksu,

    Thank you for posting this, I appreciate it.

    I have been wondering how those of you, which is the majority of the course, are managing with full-time jobs, particularly if you’re in teaching, which in my experience includes taking a lot of work home, from planning, creating to marking. I was a senior English teacher and many of my weekends were not mine, including week nights. For this reason I am amazed that you’re as engaged as you are.

    I think Education is one of the those areas that always provides much more than people can handle. I have experienced this both as a student and teacher in the high school and university arena. I have Education students who come to me from different universities and in comparison to other courses, such as business, psychology and social work, the Education students have the most to do.

    This has been my experience. 🙂


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