Week 1: Me as teacher

My role as a teacher is about supporting and advancing learning and teaching in a university setting. My “students” are academic and professional staff at the university. In a nutshell, I am there to support staff to:

  1. explore new ideas
  2. solve problems
  3. plan, implement and review learning and teaching practices.

Within this broader context, NGL is something we are actively introducing to our client groups and we do this in various ways. One way is hosting guest speakers that specialise in this area (such as George Siemens – see an earlier post) and another is modelling practices that showcase NGL. We have both department level and individual network tools (such as twitter and facebook) we use to achieve this and work together to coordinate their use. Another example is a sOOC (small open online course) titled Blended Learning Demystified, developed by our department. One of the six modules is titled “The Networked Learner”. Although written for our audience at the University of the Sunshine Coast – the sOOC is open to all if anyone is interested in taking a look. This is the first iteration of the sOOC and we are already planning to make improvements and offer it as a facilitated sOOC in the future.

NGL might help in my role as a teacher for the reasons that I refer to in an earlier post around flexibility and being able to learn when it suits me. One of the biggest issues for university staff is that they are pressed for time and setting aside time to try new approaches and tools can be challenging for them. This is also exacerbated by the “learning curve” associated with new approaches and tools. So a difficulty is usually around getting past the “how to” of a new approach. In many cases the investment of time required before they see any result means that many staff are unable or unwilling to consider new approaches. To counteract these difficulties, my approach will be to focus on the ability they have to flexibly utilise and learn from NGL and scaffolding the process by encouraging development of  a scaffolded plan.

Below is a mindmap that sets out a general overview of my personal teaching philosophy – which informs much of the work that I do.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. David Jones
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 22:07:30

    Seems there’s some overlap with Deb’s ‘as teacher’ and perhaps Clare’s as well.


  2. David Jones
    Aug 13, 2014 @ 22:09:01

    Actually, while I’m thinking of it. How successful has your “NGL” related work been at USC? Gaining much traction? Challenges? I imagine these might be just some of the questions that get covered in later posts.


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